• For more than a decade, I have known Sally as a Real Estate Broker. She has helped me to rent or sell condo units on numerous occasions. She is trustworthy and hard working. Her local industry knowledge and contacts (for staging, unit fixes, cleaning, etc) have been extremely helpful over time. Without hesitation, I recommend Sally to anyone looking for a realtor in Toronto.

by Kevin MacDonald


• I remember clearly meeting Sally in one of the building sites in Toronto sitting lonely in 2004 and we started our real estate journey on that day. It has been prosperous years for us not because Sally has helped us to build our real estate portfolios but to help and guide us through many hurdles. 

I have never seen anyone so committed, diligent, patient, and hardworking and I have worked with many agents in different cities. Sally has tremendous experience in many aspects of real estate and unlike other agents who mostly look for a quick sale, she guided us through interim closing, renting the unit, and final closing. The relationship does not end here. When we decide to sell a unit, it is smooth and quick. It is worth to mention that for all these years we have been working with Sally in Toronto market we have been living in Ottawa or Vancouver.

Real estate market can be roller coaster rides sometimes and we were lucky to have knowledgeable and patient Sally as a counsellor. I am honoured to recommend Sally to anyone who wants to have a totally committed agent.

by Sam Shirazi


• Sally helped us with our first condo investment as a rental property. Her service did not stop just there and continued on to help us to rent out the unit right after closing. It was a great experience working with Sally due to her extreme knowledge of the real estate market, her professionalism, and her dedication to her clients. We find that we are lucky to have her as our real estate agent. We will definitely continue to use her service in the future. 

by Cam Phung & Teresa Cheng


• In mid-2006 our friend introduced Sally to us. We were very impressed by Sally’s professionalism, knowledge of the Toronto housing market, communications skills, and trustworthiness as a real estate agent. In all the ventures we bought through Sally, she provided us exceptional one-stop service: purchasing property at the best possible prices, providing recommendations/assistance for upgrade selection; PDI; interim closing; property leasing (conducted due diligence in tenant screening and commanded the highest possible monthly rates), serving tenant’s requests, and closing property sales at favorable prices. Sally delivered what she has promised!

All our Toronto investment condos provided solid positive cash flow with very decent rates of return! Sally has eliminated our worries about the out-of-town property investment and landlord. We highly recommend Sally to anyone who wishes to engage in the Toronto housing market. You will be more than satisfied with her service.

by John and Jacqueline Sin